Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Mohawk Hairstyles For Women | Black Women Bob Hairstyles

Cornrow mohawk hairstyle is a classic type of twisted close to the scalp. Although it is often completed in a straight line, the cornrow also be seen in intricate geometric and curved styles. Usually seen adorned with beads and shells, the shape of cornrow hairstyle is preferred for its easy maintenance. Can be left unattended for several weeks carefully washing and greasing of the head.

Braids were a popular method of hair braiding in Africa for many centuries, and was conducted in the U.S. Native and other African nations in captivity. Cornrow hair design can be used to display the status of the community, too. Such things as faith, age, relationship, position, and the tribe all can communicate. In the 1960 period styles proved largely popular among Black Americans as a means to emphasize their biological hair texture.

Cornrow hair styles can range from completely linear, with parallel lines starting at the top of the scalp and stop at the neck to intricate geometric designs, spirals and curves. While it may be attractive to choose a little more stylized geometric designs and fashion artifacts, historical discovered in Africa show geometric patterns in cornrow hairstyles as well.


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