Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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  • SPG
    Apr 11, 05:45 PM
    Thunderbolt is absolutely amazing and I think most people here aren't looking far enough ahead. A single connection that can handle massive bandwidth, is scalable in the future, can handle display as well as just data throughput, and can do this over long distances is good for more than just hard drives. Imagine a wall of displays with one cable. Imagine a stack of external processors. Imagine owning your own private data center!
    Thunderbolt is faster than the hard drive today, but when one component gets faster it lets the others get faster too. Without a data bottleneck in the cable, there is now an incentive for drive makers to develop faster storage. If you can move this kind of data around, why not build cheap little add on processors? You could buy a laptop and then buy a couple external processors that would bump you up to 12 core tower speed while remaining cheap and portable.
    Who cares if you have a bunch of USB stuff today. Think forward!

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  • cult hero
    Apr 15, 08:30 PM
    At one point, Apple got it certified as UNIX, so OS X is a UNIX platform, not just UNIX-like. Linux is probably fairly close to being able to be UNIX certified as well, but there is a money outlay that nobody wants to spend. To top it off, UNIX certification means zilch to the Linux community, so why would anyone pay to have it certified? I'm not even sure how Apple benefitted from their certification.

    I believe Apple got the certification because they were calling themselves UNIX prior to getting the certification and it had to do with legalities. I do know, at least at the time, it ONLY applied to Leopard running on Intel machines because of how the certification works.

    It's paper and nothing more. Whenever some Mac weenie is like "we're REAL UNIX unlike Linux" I know I can safely just slap him. Certification means very little. Actual POSIX compliance�among other things�is what matters.

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  • ipedro
    Apr 13, 07:53 PM
    I imagine that this could turn out to be a convenient stepping stone for Apple to delay the release of iPhone 5 until the fall. It'll freshen up the lineup filling in the gap that delaying the next iPhone would have left.

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 11, 05:02 PM
    iWant one =/

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  • MacRumors
    Jul 10, 09:48 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Alongside the introduction of 'Charts' (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/07/20060709121223.shtml), ThinkSecret is reporting (http://www.thinksecret.com/news/0607pages3.html) that Apple will be introducing a number of new features into the next version of Pages.

    Pages is Apple's word processing application which comes bundled in iWork (http://guides.macrumors.com/iWork). Pages 3 is expected to debut in January 2007 with the release of iWork '07. New features include two new modes called "Word Processing" and "Layout" to better cater to different users needs.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 22, 05:01 PM
    The GSMArena article is wrong there. It is true that the F700 was officially "introduced in Feb 2007", but it was already shown at the IFA fair in Berlin in autumn 2006.

    So what?

    No one will deny the success Apple has, yet its not good enough for this greedy CEO and company.

    They are just out of control. Pure unadulterated gluttony.

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  • dsensi
    May 2, 10:16 AM
    OK, guys, I think you are right, touch screens are not the most desirable thing to see in an iMac, although I am sure they will implement it sooner or later, because it has an appeal nowadays to many customers - and it�s up to you if you use it or not. Time will answer this question.

    But... what do you think about higher resolution screens? Specially for the 21,5 iMac. I currently own a notebook with 15.4 screen that has exactly the same amount of pixels of a 21.5 iMac (1920x1080). When I use the 21.5 iMac, the large pixel size bother me, while at the notebook pixels are almost invisible, and it�s a great pleasure to use it.

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  • Rad99004
    May 3, 11:43 PM
    I wonder why they've moved it to a later date?

    I would guess part of the reason is the "White" Iphone was just released and they are hoping they can unload them all.

    All I can say the new one better have a 4" screen, 8Meg Camera, More memory, IOS 5 and a faster processor. What else did I miss :)

    Edit: added 4G to wish list

    This is almost the standard specification for most Android phones any more so I don't think I'm asking for too much.

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  • milo
    Jul 21, 03:16 PM
    Let's face it: Apple is a monopoly, but with such a small market share, it is a monopoly that we have freely chosen to deal with.

    Apple is in no way a monopoly. What would they have a monopoly on, macs? That's like saying toyota has a monopoly on toyotas.

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  • BenRoethig
    May 3, 08:18 AM
    Good update. Nothing revolutionary, but everything that was expected.

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 30, 10:07 PM
    Which is why the real party begins after we know you are gone. When the kids are away, the adults will play. ;)

    Do words have no meaning? There can be no party without me there!

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  • jlyanks85
    Dec 4, 11:18 PM
    pppfffttt... man up and get some real firepower:D I bought myself an ORIGINAL Desert Eagle 50 cal last year ...best money I ever spent.

    Yes it costs a fortune to shoot and my wrist can only handle about 6 rounds and I am done for the day. However it only takes 1 from this thing to stop anything shy of a pissed off bull elephant:D

    Where do you live? I always thought it was illegal to own a small firearm like that I know that's what I've been told anyway. Unless you absolutely were require to have one, like a cop/fbi.

    Now I don't care, just curious how so many people on this board own guns like this and automatic weapons.

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  • bigmc6000
    Jul 28, 07:54 AM
    I actually hope it's moderately successful. Hopefully then, Apple will see fit to reduce their pricing schema on the iPods.

    Realistically, it could go either way. Despite the debacle that is Windows, Microsoft has had a great deal of success with the XBox. I wouldn't be surprised if Zune isn't as bad as most members of MacRumors will make it out to be.


    Really depends on yoru defintion of success. Popularity wise it's been successful (360 is helped solely by the fact it's the only HD player out there right now) but as far as the stock holders and business men are concerned it's been a debacle - they've lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the XBox and have still yet to see a single positve quarter, financially speaking, since it's inception.

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  • jhu
    Oct 23, 08:23 PM
    how is this any different than apple's end user-license agreement for mac os x? here is section 2A (http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/macosx104.pdf):

    This License allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time. This License does not allow the Apple Software to exist on more than one computer at a time, and you may not make the Apple Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computer at the same time.

    the language implies that virtualization on the same machine using the same software is forbidden. on the other hand, windows xp's end-user licence agreement (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/home/eula.mspx) also has similar language disallowing multiple copies of the same software to be run on the same computer:

    1.1 Installation and use. You may install, use, access, display and run one copy of the Software on a single computer, such as a workstation, terminal or other device ("Workstation Computer"). The Software may not be used by more than one processor at any one time on any single Workstation Computer.

    microsoft's vista license just makes the virtualization part explicit. so i don't know what the hubub is over vista's license since the mac os x and windows xp licenses say the same thing, but not explicitly.

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  • daneoni
    May 1, 10:52 PM
    Am i the only who cannot access ANY video of the speech?

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  • WassHammoud
    May 3, 12:31 AM
    I've got a 2.5 yr old MacBook that is feeling stretched with Aperture. I've been thinking that an iMac / iPad combination would be a good replacement.

    Anyone with experience in getting iPads to work with iMacs (specifically remote access)?

    I did this for about an entire semester before I bought a MacBook air to join the club. I go to school and its hard to be without a laptop, I'm not sure if your situation is similar. However, vnc viewer for ipad works so well with remote access. Its perfect if you don't need the actual computer, rather the files on there.

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  • brsboarder
    Jul 11, 02:26 PM
    more then likely the wireless part is directed at the ipod, but this will only stimulate competition, its about time apple is forced to compete with others for the best device again

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  • atari1356
    Oct 24, 07:45 AM
    From the press release:

    "up to 39 percent faster than the previous 2.16 GHz MacBook Pro"

    Really? I'd like to see those benchmarks... nice that they finally added FW800 back into the 15" model.

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  • HMFIC03
    Apr 13, 04:53 PM
    Apple would be better off having other companies such as Samsung that already put wi-fi receivers in there TVs buy Apple TV licenses.

    Mar 29, 08:30 AM
    Uh, that would be an iPhone 5. You do realise that 5 is the generation when people talk about iPhone. Apple has yet to name their next device, but whatever real name it will have, it will still be the 5th generation iPhone.

    The one next year would be iPhone 6.

    It's still only going to be an iPhone 4 at best like the 3GS was a bumped buy me again iPhone 3G! People are expecting loads of hardware bumps and a redesign like the iPhone 4 we won't see it!

    It will be the iPhone 4 with an a5 chip and to be honest there is no speed difference to my iPhone 4 to my iPad 2, A4 is speedy still on such a small display!

    What I'd like to see it major software updates to the boring grid of apps as the iPhone no matter how new outside the software seems as old as the hill! It's boring repetitive but practical and

    May 3, 08:21 AM
    Underclock and relabel is not anything new.
    Previous underclock were for power reasons, which is reasonable. Here underclocking a 2.8GHz standard voltage Core i5 to 2.7GHz seems to be for no other reason than to "look" better by having continuity between the high-end 21.5" and low-end 27" iMac when looking on a spec sheet. It doesn't seem to be cost since you are still paying for a full 2.8GHz chip even if you underclock it.

    The 21.5'' has a 512MB GPU while the 15'' MBP has a 1GB GPU, same chipset. There's no reason why would they do this except to push potential buyers to the 27''. This is ridiculous. If it were to keep the iMac price down, they would've added as a BTO.

    512MB for the low-end iMac is might be acceptable for cost reasons. 512MB on the mid-range HD6770M is more glaring.

    Apr 14, 01:13 PM
    Great, another useless update :rolleyes:

    Apr 15, 12:42 PM
    Are you guys for real?

    I'm not really into apple or apple products, but there is no big mystery behind the string ix.Mac.MarketingName (except for 'Mac', that is)

    'ix' is and object or a variable in whatever programming language they've written this in.

    'Mac' and 'MarketingName' are either methods or keys (in a hash) belonging to the 'ix' variable/object.

    Let me illustrate with a simple javascript/JSON variable:

    var ix = {

    Nov 24, 08:42 PM
    yeah team lexus should be in the rearview mirror soon

    i hope so.


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