Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Guide: Holiday Hair

Whether it's a weekend break, a two week Holiday in the sun or a gap year trek.
When it comes to our natural hair some of us are at a loss for what to do when we are parted from our multitude of leave conditioners, styling gels and all the other trappings of caring for our hair.
Many have opted for a weave during holidays or breaks away, this is one option, however for those who want other options, here is a guide to 'on trend' summer holiday hair.....


The Messy Bun

Great for a short break away, the clue is in the name here, it's suppose to be 'MESSY'
smooth your edges with  a scarf and some gel and this look should last two day's!
for this look all you need is a loose hair elastic
scrape hair up onto the top of your head and tuck it under the elastic (like a doughnut)
accessorize with a bandanna for that retro feel or a goddess hair band

The Puff

Another style that is great for a short break, start off with a chunky  twist out to create body and texture, like with the bun you need a hair elastic, tie the elastic around your hair line, secure and push back to create a faux  pony tail, fluff and your ready to go.
again this look can last up to 2-3 days.

The Turban

stylish, oh so on trend! and perfect for your holiday.
The turban seems to be the only way to cover up your hair this summer, go for bright colour pops & graphic prints.
combine this look with box barids (like Solange) however with the fly scarves and fabrics around who cares what your hair is doing underneath!

The Chunky Braid/Cornrow

Try rocking chunky cornrows! they can last up to 3 weeks, I find cornrows are the forgotten style for us naturals, but they are stylish, practical, and easy to do!
for something different opt for waist length cornrows (like Ciara)
or try Goddess Braids (Heidi braids)

The Box Braids
Unless you've been living under an internet rock, you'll know that the summer style at large are box braids!
They can last 6-8 weeks
check out Natural Belle's box braid tips here


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