Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outfit of the day + Friday the 13th!

For those of you that check Natural Belle daily, you may have noticed I am missing some posts!
for those who are not on blogger, it's system have been down for 30hrs + taking with it a day's worth of blog posts and comments
the team at blogger are working on the restoring our lost entries.
hopefully the brainiacs at headquarters will save the day, however I am going to have re-do the posts just in case! they are lost forever.
I hate to complain about what in essence is a free service, but I'm thinking of jumping ship to wordpress......
all this just added to my shitty day of hectic madness! to top it off my first comment after blogger being down was from someone complaining about how the noise I make when I swallow is annoying!
shrug from Notting Hill
jeans from Uniqlo
shirt from Primark
lipstick Rimmel London in red fever

*for those of you on blogger you can reclaim some of your posts from your RSS feed but you have to be subscribed to your own feed


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